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Archimonde forward.
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Tyrant this, GG
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you (not pron) tube
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How to Correctly Play an Arms Warrior in Patch 6.2

This video shows that randy can play warrior now when its not so much rng anymore
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Hai there lovely people! As we all know, raid is out tommorow. As we all know, we are going ham tommorow. As we all know its gonna be fucking awesome. Just wanted to share few stuff with you people. First week we are gonna go with full m...
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Hellfire Citadel - alts for splitruns.

Give a list of 1-2 alts you can play including roles and ilvl. Try to get whatever alt you want to play (preferably same role as you're maining now) up in ilvls.
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Weak Aura / Tell Me When

I took the liberty of scouting MMO for a useful WA for HFC.@Edited: It doesn't seem that i can post the code here as it refuses to include the whole fucking code, so i made a pastebinGeneral DebuffsTank DebuffsThe original post was in German, but ...
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Warlock (or how to change class gazillion times in short period) are from r...
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Hellfire Citadel PTR kill vids / tactics

6.2 is closing in, and we need to get learn some tactics before so we can clear heroic mode pretty fast, so i suggest that you all should go and watch fatboss videos.11 bosses in HFCHellfire Citadel Playlist
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Challenge Modes

Hey i am finally doing CM's on my druid we need 2 dps or 1 healer in our group if anyone is up for it :)
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tip for getting Securing Draenor achievement

ok your garrison quarter master sells scouting missives for the apexis dailies using these counts toward the securing draenor meta achievement which is req in 6.2 for flight, so buy these for the ones you miss instead of waiting for weeks for the ...
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Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Shetland as math teacher:
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Which Items will you collect (if not already having them) for Timewalking?im gonna make my list soon :)
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Spreadsheet've made a spreadsheet to store info on mains/alts etc. Anyone can edit it. If anyone is good with excel let me know because I am shit at it
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