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#11345859 Jul 30, 2015 at 10:57 AM
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As some of you might know already, it has been stated that the next WoW expansion will be revealed (or let's say announced) at this year's Gamescon (Date: August 6th). Blizzard has 500 stations there and some of them might even have a playable part of the next expansion. (Since most likely they won't have all 500 of them for Overwatch or whatever their fps is called).

I've skimmed through a promoted reddit post about and found this

which is pretty much what people are expecting thus far (consindering there was a "leak" about Blizzard (Registered under Delaware law ->> LOL, using a NZ agent ->> LOL )trademarking Council of Glades, but with all of their "recent" releases (Diablo III, HotS, HS) this might be related to any of these and not WoW itself.

Give your thoughts, and post any quality leaks if you have them :P
#11353901 Aug 01, 2015 at 02:55 PM · Edited 3 years ago
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The one I've seen circulated the most is "The Dark Prophet", even though I believe there's been a lot of contradictions in it. I found it the coolest one, either way, and I pray that perhaps there will be elements of it within the next expansion.

Idk. It sounds pretty damn awesome, and would be a nice variation to Orcs, as well as being a somewhat tropical expansion, which we haven't had. Thing is, this one would open so many routes for patches, and even lead onto an Emerald Dream xpac that people have dreamed about for years. I just hope that Blizzard stay away from another Garrison-like with the pirates and ships (especially since the Shipyard has been disdained.)

Sadly, not sure about the Trademarking since obviously TDP hasn't been TM'd haha, but this is by far my favorite leak, and is actually somewhat plausible!

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#11357237 Aug 02, 2015 at 01:01 PM
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i guess the best way to know whats coming is to wait for the announcement not as much fun i know but at least it will be accurate info :)

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