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Gorefiend mythic

MMO champ thread on gorefiend mythicSome people may have already read through this, but I thought there were some interesting posts in this thread:#12, which says, if 5 healing, to send 5th healer down 10 seconds after the second pair to mop up ri...
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WA-Legendary Ring (group proc)

After creating my own stuff, i found this WA on MMO-Champs, which even displays the player who poped the ring.All 3 rings (dps/heal/tank) are in it, so delete those you dont want/need to track:di09YaGiLGlrqbJsIQoLuPmlvQBrqPDPsmmc0XuIwMevEgbf10KiCn...
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Food for thought!!! Wigs vs Deadly Boss ModsI firmly believe BigWigs with it’s “emphasize” feature and minimalist alert philosophy is better than DBM, but I’ll share...
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Archimonde forward.
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Tyrant this, GG
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Hellfire Citadel PTR kill vids / tactics

6.2 is closing in, and we need to get learn some tactics before so we can clear heroic mode pretty fast, so i suggest that you all should go and watch fatboss videos.11 bosses in HFCHellfire Citadel Playlist
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